What we do


To help national leaders, and the local church, become established in God, and in His Word. Equipping them to do the same with those they lead, have influence over, and minister to.


To make a difference in the world through the leaders we touch. Affecting our generation, and also the generations which follow us.


1. We begin by building relationship so that trust is built, and established. We can never touch the heart without trust being established first. This also helps us identify the needs they have. Then by targeting in on these needs, we become more effective in our work.

2. Through teaching, we help to establish the leaders and others in God, in His Word, and in His principles.

3. Personal ministry. By spending time with the leaders individually, we are able to touch the heart. Through this closeness, we can help bring healing and deliverance into their lives.

4. Sometimes, materials are prepared in their language for the leader’s personal learning, and for use in teaching others.

5. We encourage the leaders to catch the vision of reaching the world, and of the importance of preparing and sending their own missionaries to go into other nations.