Current Projects

  • The Ukraine.
    a. Cooperating with another ministry in teaching in local church Bible Schools.
    b. Holding seminars and workshops about marriage and family.
    c. Services/ministry in churches.
  • The Czech Republic.
    a. Helping to restore the Church in Klatovy which has been through some problems.
    b. Teaching and doing ministry in the churches in the Sumava region.
  • Russia
    a. Working with the church and its leadership to help them grow more.
    b. Ministry in the local churches.

NOTE: Due to the recent events in the Crimea, Ukraine, and current situation situation in Eastern Ukraine, we are having to reassess our projects there. Due to the tension with Russia over these situations, we have delayed our trip there for now.

  • Media for use on the web and for download.
    a. Produce videos for use on “youtube”
    b. Produce audio and written media for download from website.