What is a partner?

First, we must realize that it takes a team.

We cannot accomplish this alone. For us to be successful, we need a team of prayer and financial partners who will stand with us in this work. It is this team of individuals, families, and churches which is the foundation from which we are sent out.

As you pray for us, ask the Lord if He would have you become a part of our team. As a team, together, we can make a difference and accomplish great things.

Here are the different ways you can be a partner with us and a part of our team:

Prayer Partners

Prayer partners are those who commit themselves to pray regularly. Up to date information from us encourages them to pray on a personal level for us and the people whom we serve.

Financial Partners

Financial partners are those who commit themselves to invest financially with us so that, together, we minister to the people we serve. Some send their checks monthly, some quarterly, and others once a year. Financial partners receive news and reports from us about the results of our joint effort.

Interested friends

Interested friends give encouragement and moral support to us, and receive news about how the work is progressing.

Partnership begins ….

Immediately! Each missionary has expenses that begin during preparation and continue throughout an assignment. We don’t receive a guaranteed salary. We look to God to provide the funds for living and ministry. God provides through His people who choose to become our partners.

Thank you for your partnership with us.